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The directors of the corporate trustee ('the directors') operate a grant giving policy with a view to making annual distributions of £350,000.  In the year to 31 December 2024, the amount will be reduced to £250,000 and subject to review later in the year.

The directors are particularly interested in supporting the following areas of charitable work:-

If you are a charity working in any of these fields and would like to request financial assistance, please read our Application Guidelines.

Directors’ Meetings are held in April and October each year. Details of the directors can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts .

Applications must be received by the end of February or the end of August to be sure of consideration at the Spring or Autumn Meetings.

Details of the most recent grants made can be found under Grants Awarded and in the Annual Report and Accounts.

Application Guidelines:

All applications should be sent in writing to:

The Inman Charity

BM Box 2831, London WC1N 3XX

Requests for support should be made by letter confirming the registered Charity Number, the aims and objectives of the Charity, and any other relevant factors.

In order for the appeal to be considered, the applicant must provide a copy of their latest annual report and a set of the most recent audited (if applicable) accounts including the annual report, accompanied with a covering letter of around 2 pages outlining the charity and the funding request. The exception to this is for Medical Research Grant Applications where a fuller report may be considered appropriate to give the trustees enough detail to make informed decisions about the grant.

The directors will support specific projects. In this case please provide details of the total amount required, contributions received to date and proposed timing to completion.

The directors do not acknowledge applications and will only contact those to whom grants are awarded.


The directors do not support:

Grants Awarded:

Grants Awarded
1 November 2022

Grants Awarded
9 May 2023

Grants Awarded
31 October 2023

Annual Report and Accounts:

Annual Report and
Accounts December 2021

Annual Report and
Accounts December 2022

Privacy Notice:

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